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7 Thoughtful Ways to Stress Less

We all need time to wire down to increase life quality

Our lives are busy and faster than ever before. It is nice to be productive, but did you quality of life improve too?
Did you know that when you when you are too wired or too stressed you not only decrease life quality, but but you are accelerating your aging.
Take stress out of your life by changing your thinking and changing your values. A filled up diary does not make you more important or a better person.
There are times when we cannot escape the business and the pressing needs in life. But we can learn how to harness the tension and use the positive energy stress can bring.
Below find 7 valuable ways to reduce stress levels from highly effective people.

1. Give up the daily guilt.

Too many of us waste time feeling guilty that our life is out of balance, but you’ll never feel balanced as long as you have goals and dreams. Why? There’s always way too much to do, to learn, to accomplish.Quit thinking you need to “touch” everything each day and look at how “balanced” your life is over a period of time, not a specific day of the week. Take this one step farther and realize that it’s about being balanced over your lifetime. It all evens out.

2. Realize good is good enough.

Stop wasting time creating the “perfect” proposal, letter or marketing brochure, seeking the ideal gift for your nephew, or the supremely clean house. Stop at 80 percent and move on to the next task. Get over yourself and take a step closer to acceptance.

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