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(Video) A Swedish Delicacy is Becoming a Popular Test of Courage in the US

Surströmming the Swedish Summer Delicacy  –    The Worst Food For People From Other Nations

Our mind is capable to handle the most extreme challenges. Literally we can get used to anything, for good and for bad. Surströmming is proof for this most impressive ability of our mind, which can be actually dangerous.

Surströmming (Swedish for “soured herring”) is fermented Baltic Sea herring that has been a staple of traditional northern Swedish cuisine since at least the 16th century. A fermentation process (which converts sugar to acids, gases, and alcohol) of at least six months gives the lightly-salted fish its characteristic strong smell and somewhat acidic taste.

What have you come to believe is normal? If it is something good, you will not appreciate it any longer and you miss out on the beauty of life. If it is a bad circumstance you got used to, you are quite likely to under-live your live, because you do not take any action to get out of your situation.

Swedes laugh a lot and find this video really funny – however, please be advised that the guys in this video are not handling the surströmming well. They throw up and it contains rough language.

If you like to get one can for yourself and your friends I am happy to send you one. You can choose between filleted and non-filleted herring.

Feel free to contact me, but watch this video first. https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/