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Downhill Mountainbiking Without Using Your Feet?

Are You Passionate? Are You Thankful?

What are you willing to do to pursue your passion? Life is not fair and it can seem to be impossible to pursue your dream.
We all face hardships and we have moments where we fall and loose. The big question is: How do you respond.

Some people are crushed and loose hope, others push through the situation and get up again. They grow tough on the inside.
I chose this video for those of you who go through a rough time to be inspired and not to loose hope. Life is tough, but it does not need to crush you. Get your hopes up because you have the potential inside of you to overcome and to be stronger on your inside.

If you are in a good space, look at your abilities in a fresh way and learn to appreciate what you have right now. Too many times we take health, life, friends and family for granted. They are not – they are an awesome gift. Learning to be thankful for small things will increase your joy and life quality.

Watch this Martyn Ashton who was a champion do the im-possible, getting back on the track: https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/