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It Is Fun To Achieve And To Get Ahead

We Need Goals To Have Direction And Purpose In Life

By nature are we goal seekers. People who do not have any goals, will do whatever comes to their mind:

A friend might come around and ask if you want to go out and get drunk. Having no goals your response can be easily: “Sure, why not, I’ve got nothing else to do.”

The other option is that you will repeat, what you have done before. You might visit the same restaurant you went to last week or you might book the same holidays as last year.

How then do I initiate change? By making the fist step. Most of the time we do not need to make radical changes and we have the time for smooth transitions. If you make the fist step, new opportunities will present themselves which you could not have anticipated and considered from your starting position. Take the first step and enjoy the journey.

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