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Learn From The Professionals: The Extraordinary Power of Visualizing Success

Did you ever wonder what it means to visualize?

It seems to be working well for some people and especially athletes talk about it. How do you actually visualize correctly? Some books make it very complex but as a matter of fact the principle is simple.

Did you ever watch a scary movie twice? How did it feel the second time?Why Visualize

See – when you visualize a new maybe challenging situation, you sort of turn on your mental movie theater. You rehearse the situation in your mind succeeding, enjoying and winning. When you are entering the situation you prepared for mentally it will be much less overwhelming or frightening. It will be rather the opposite: you will know exactly how to respond to the challenges which you anticipated and prepared yourself for mentally.

The challenge is to train yourself to deliberately think the right thoughts, feel the right positive emotions and to dwell on the future event seeing yourself succeed with a delightful outcome. Big challenges can be intimidating and it is easy to experience fear. Responding in fear will lead to fearful decision and many people give up the dream or challenge even before they gave themselves a chanc e to succeed. Especially in those situations you need to train to handle your thoughts effectively. It is in your mind if you are winning or loosing.

This article will help you to get more insight and skill to the power of visualization:

The Extraordinary Power of Visualizing Success

All top performers, regardless of profession, know the importance of picturing themselves succeeding in their minds before they actually do in reality. Something I have been able to translate over to the business arena from athletics is the power of visualization. It is extremely effective when harnessed and used correctly.

Every Friday night after our team dinner, my college teammates and I would gather in the hotel conference room to prep for our game on Saturday.

We were led through a series of visualization techniques and practices led by a sports psychologist. Right away, I started to experience the incredible benefits of taking the time to picture myself succeeding before actually playing in the game. I visualized every little detail, from walking into the locker room, tying my cleats and having conversations with my teammates and coaches.

I would picture myself having the “perfect” game, executing the defensive game plan and making big plays. The more vivid I was, the better I seemed to play. I couldn’t believe it. Before the game even started, I had already played the entire game in my mind. This made a tremendous difference because it gmindset-743167_1920reatly increased my confidence and comfort level.

In turn, I have been able to harness the power of visualization outside of athletics. Before I take the stage and speak to a large audience, I always picture myself giving the “perfect” speech. I begin weeks in advance by picturing the audience, my choice of words and the reaction from the crowd once I am finished. Visualization can be applied to any area of your life, as I know it has become very beneficial throughout mine.

Consider these three examples:

  • Boxing legend Muhammad Ali was always stressing the importance of seeing himself victorious long before the actual fight.
  • As a struggling young actor, Jim Carrey used to picture himself being the greatest actor in the world.
  • Michael Jordan always took the last shot in his mind before he ever took one in real life.

These top performers, among many others, have mastered the technique of positive visualization and openly credit it as a success tactic.

The truth is, if you can’t picture yourself achieving a goal, chances are you won’t. The more vivid you can get, the better it will work for you. Start thinking of your personal goals in life. Spend about 10 to 15 minutes picturing yourself achieving each one.


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