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[video] Famous Failures! Want To Join?

Here are some valuable characteristics of failures who have become great success:

Do you believe what people tell you who you are and what you can do?

We all receive feedback and yet most people I have met would state, that they do not receive enough feedback.

In our lives we need constructive feedback and we long to receive information about ourselves that helps us to develop further. This kind of feedback is scarce. The there are many people who tell us straight into our face what they believe who we are and what we can do. AND they do not even ask for permission. 

They just drop their opinion on us and sadly often enough NOT to encourage us, but to make us small so that they can feel themselves better.

Famous Failures S.Jobs

Who do you trust in your life?

We all need feedback in order to help us grow. People we trust naturally are our parents, uncle and aunts, bigger brothers or sisters, teachers, coaches and doctors. As children we just develop a natural trust relationship which is important for our mental development. However not all parents and other authoritative figures in our lives understand the power of words and the role they play. Words have the power to make us or to break us.

As children we just did not have the mental capability to analyze what other people’s intention were. The words from authoritative people penetrate deeply into our subconscious and become part of our self-image, we would also call it the truth about ourselves.

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