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(Video) LOVE – If It Is Important To You…..

A Revelation of the true meaning of LOVE

Where as other languages have several words for love, the English language has only one word. We love our partner, we love God, we love ice cream, we love our children.

We use one word, but it actually has a number of different meanings. Here Carl Qualls is shares how he raised his two boys,much of the time as a single father.  During a special retreat with his younger son, his son teaches him and invaluable lesson about the meaning of love at the age of eight.

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And remember the lesson: If it is important to you, it is important to me


How one man’s son taught his father the true meaning of loveCarl Qualls

Qualls decided to go on a camping trip with his youngest son. A quick vacation into the woods with plenty of time to bond and time to swim.What Qualls did not realize was that he would do more than bond with his youngest son. The camping trip would actually change Qualls’ perspective on the meaning of love. The duo embarked on their trip and in the very first day experienced a torrential downpour that soaked all of their belongings. Not to be bothered by the water, Qualls and his son decided to go swimming at a lake while their clothes and camping equipment dried out. What his youngest son really wanted to do was swim at a swimming hole. So after having “a great time” at the lake, the pair moved on to find the swimming hole.

Sometime during their trek from the lake to the swimming hole, Qualls realized he had left behind his watch. “It was a cheap watch, but I loved it,” he explained. By the time Qualls had realized his mistake, the duo was “almost to the swimming hole.” After a moment of indecision, Qualls declared “we’ll just forget the watch” and began to move forward only to be stopped by his son.

“You like that watch, don’t you?”

Qualls, surprised, responded that yes, he did “like the watch.” His son, only eight years old, insisted that they “go ahead and get the watch.” The pair went back and forth for a moment about the importance of the watch, for they would not have time to swim at the swimming hole if they retrieved the watch, when Qualls’ son shook his entire world.

“If it was my watch and I liked it, would we go back and get it?”

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