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(video) The Swan Ballet Show Show Turns Into A Breathtaking Acrobatic Show

The Ballet Show Where You Forget Gravity Exists Spiced With A Thought On Self-Esteem

My two daughters have danced ballet for many years. When we watched this video together, they got huge eyes staring of unbelief and then had tears in their eyes for joy. They have trained and practised for years. They knew how much time and effort it takes to learn to dance and to move. My daughters knew much better than me to appreciate this incredible performance. They rejoice with the artists and were so deeply moved that we ended up watching this video three times in a row.

In coaching and the area of personal development it is widely accepted that it takes 10000 hours of practice for you to be an expert. I assume that the artists in this ballet show have exceeded the 10000 hours by far.

Later in the evening I was wondering if I can rejoice and enjoy other people perform just as purely as my daughters did. Surely it depends on the on the type of performance. As much as I enjoyed the video clip, I could never imagine myself dancing ballet. But in other areas I catch myself thinking: “I wish I could perform like that.” With that thought dwelling unreflected in my mind I experience less joy for the performance and the artist and I have a feeling of jealousy rising up.

How about you?
Can you appreciate the performance and success of others or do you have a sense competition? If you know who you are and what value you have you have a good self-esteem. You feel good about yourself and who you are, not based on the comparison of your performance with others, but just because you are valuable. You will enter into a stage, where you are at peace with yourself. When having a good self-esteem, it is less likely that you will not see other people as competitors and you will enjoy their performance. In business leaders with a low self-esteem will make sure that their team members do not outgrow themselves. They feel that they need to stay on top of the organisation to be acknowledged and exercise power and control over their team members.

Did you know that there are four levels of happiness? With a good self-esteem knowing that your acceptance and your value is not based on your performance, you can coach other people to a success levels, further than you have come yourself. You will not be intimidated by their success, much rather the opposite: You will discover a new level of happiness and their success becomes your success.

I hope these are some helpful insights for you and I hope you will enjoy this video!


Special thanks to David Wolfe for posting this video https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/