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(Video) A Simple Act Of Caring Creates An Endless Ripple


Your Tiny Actions Have A Bigger Impact Than What You Think

Too often we are discouraged, because we observe pain and injustice in this world. We believe that we are small and insignificant, nobody sees us and we do not make a difference in this world. This is actually a thought that can become a stronghold in your mind. It does not need to be the truth, however if you have this thought repeatedly it will develop to become your belief. Subconsciously and automatically you will live up to this belief since this conviction will make you indifferent and inactive. Amazingly enough, you will be proven right, that you are not able to make a difference in this world.

I like to challenge you to check your opinion about your environment and about yourself. How were they formed? Are they helpful? Could they be only part of the truth? Run you live on good truth.

From my own life I can testify that I have been touched by many very generous people, who believed in me and trusted me. Their actions have changed my life and it is my desire to impact the people I encounter on a daily basis just with the same generosity and love.

This short video clip will touch your heart and demonstrate in a powerful way that you and your actions count. It is not the money, or your time or special skills that are required to be significant in life. All that is required, is your and my heart. You are important and we all need you to spread joy and to make this world a better place. Pay it forward.

Special thanks to Care & Share Movment for this inspiring video. https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/