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What A Bright Idea: Kenton Invents Growing Shoes


Kenton is just an ordinary guy daring to dream – how about you?

Kenton could be your neighbour just another guy, just living a normal life. But he has a flashing idea that does not let him go. Why should kids outgrow their shoes – we can design shoes which grow along.

To me the most amazing thing about Kenton is actually not the idea. Millions of people have brilliant ideas. I honour Kenton for pursuing his dreams seriously, find partners and build a business idea around it that millions of children, especially from a poor background will benefit from.

The grave yard is the greatest place with undiscovered potential. How many people have died and taken their song, their poem, their product, their painting, their plays, their service as a brilliant through with them into the grave?

I really believe that we all – just like Kenton – have a genius gift inside of us. Please listen to your inner voice and dare to dream your dream. Explore it, test it, try it, don’t give up when obstacles come your way. Enjoy the riches and adventures of life!

Read here how Kenton took his idea and realised it being a blessing to millions of children who could not afford shoes otherwise. If Kenton – the ordinary guy could do it, surely you can do the same.


Shoes That Grow: Guy Invents Sandals That’ll Grow 5 Sizes In 5 Years To Help Millions Of Poor Children

Sometimes, the simplest invention can change millions of lives. That’s the goal of The Shoe That Grows, a sandal invented by inventor Kenton Lee that can adjust its size, allowing children in impoverished nations to grow up without having to go barefoot.

According to The Shoe That Grows, “There are over 300 million children who do not have shoes.  And countless more with shoes that do not fit.” Children without shoes are susceptible to injuries and parasites that infect humans through our feet. The problem with ordinary shoe donations is that they are soon outgrown, which is exactly the problem that these new shoes would fix.


“The design process was interesting because I am not a designer,” Kenton Lee told Bored Panda. “And I knew nothing about shoes. I was just a normal guy with an idea”


“We found a shoe development company called Proof of Concept in Portland, Oregon. They were the perfect partner to help design our shoes”


“We are confident in the durability of our shoes because we designed them first and foremost for function and not fashion. In fact, we didn’t care at all what they looked like (even though we are happy with how they turned out). We just wanted to make the longest-lasting shoe possible. Purely functional”


“We are sold out of our first batch of 3,000 pairs of shoes. And we have 5,000 pairs coming in July. Right now our shoes are in Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru, Columbia, Vietnam, and Laos. The most shoes are in Kenya”


“We have just been overwhelmed by all the support and publicity. This has been amazing. We are a very small organisation, but we are growing and excited for the future”


Here is a short video from the developers explaining their motivation and the shoe. Please be aware of the fact that the guys will ask you if you are willing to support their project. I am not at all affiliated with this company, but I really like their simple and yet beautiful idea. For those of you who want to go to the company’s  website, there is a link displayed in the video. Enjoy the clip and be encouraged, your idea counts too =)


Special thanks to boredpanda for this inspiring report including pictures and video

here is the link to the company’s website https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/