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Why ‘C’ Students Have A Bright Future


Maybe You Were Not The Brightest Kid In School – No Reason To Be Discouraged

Former President George W. Bush is not one of my favourite speakers. However, in this short video below he is revealing some very important truth: It is good to have good grades, but C-students can run the world. Bush was referring to his own situation, since he was not one of the brightest students.

Mark Zuckerberg-800x400

Picture 1: Facebook’s leader Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of college

Success in life requires more than good grades in school. Most school systems teach how to read well, memorize well and test well, mainly requirement you need as an employee. Creative thinkers, visionaries and networkers are in most schools not recognized. Intelligence is not enough to be successful. Intelligence is relative, subject and not defined by grades (read also more in this article: “Growth Mindset” or “Fixed Mindset” – The Difference Makes You Successful“). Ironically successful “C” students often hire “A”students like attorneys or accountants to support their idea or business.

To be successful in life you need character, connections and experience. Soft skills like will power, attitudes, passion and perseverance also know as emotional intelligence are characteristics of great leaders. The ability to adapt quickly, understand relationships and to anticipate the future shape the walk in life. “C” students face obstacles often and need to invent ways to overcome them, preparing them and making them tough for life.


Why ‘C’ Students Usually End Up Being The Most Successful In Life

In fact, a number of other presidents did poorly in school at one point or another, including John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson and Bush’s father, George H.W. Bush. Vice President Joe Biden also struggled with his grades as both an undergraduate and law student. In addition to some of the US presidents, there are a number of incredibly successful entrepreneurs who didn’t allow their academic experiences to deter them from rising to the top. Steve Jobs, for example, never finished college. The same is true for Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. Likewise, the youngest female billionaire in the world, Elizabeth Holmes, who is revolutionizing medicine, dropped out of Stanford to pursue her dreams. Richard Branson suffered from dyslexia and dropped out of high school at the age of 15. Simply put, while receiving an education in some form or another is important, there is no single path toward greatness. As renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson recently stated at the University of Massachusetts Amherst: Your grades, whatever is your GPA, rapidly becomes irrelevant in your life. I cannot begin to impress upon you how irrelevant it becomes. Because in life, they aren’t going to ask you your GPA. …If a GPA means anything, it’s what you were in that moment — and it so does not define you for the rest of your life.


Maybe you did not have the best reports in school and having bad marks are not a guarantee for success either. But at the end of the day marks are letters on a piece of paper and do not determine what you make out of your life. If you did not graduate with honors, there is no reason for you to fall into a depression. Life is not a straight road and you are full of potential. NEVER give up.

Be encouraged because many very successful people have struggled through live before they had their breakthrough.

Focus, instead, on your passion, on what excites you. I am convinced that we all have a genius inside of us – it just might not yet be discovered and displayed. What dreams are hidden inside of you? You might have a concept or idea, a talent in art or a skill to relate to people. Surround yourself with supportive people and find your true genius. Only in your area of passion, what your heart beats for, you can become excellent. It is your special gift and your gift to the world.

Watch this super-short video clip with George W. Bush:

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